Renter Tips

Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Rental

Don't want to lose your security deposit when you're renting? Here are some tips to keep your rental well maintained and not lose a dollar from your security deposit.
Carpet Cleaning

Vacuum Your Carpets Regularly

In addition to looking bad, dirty carpets can be damaged by the dirt particles when you walk on them. Cleaning your carpet regularly can help in keeping it in good condition. It's recommended to vacuum at least 2 times per week and have the carpets professionally cleaned once in a year.

Change HVAC Air Filters

Change your air filter regularly to avoid reducing air flow and to keep it from increasing your utility bills. Dirt and dust will also clog the system which can cause the system to stop working. Avoid steep HVAC unit repair expenses and higher energy bills by opting for inexpensive air filters that are sold at most grocery stores.

Tool to Unclog Drains and Sinks Yourself

Unclog your sink yourself by using a Zip-It drain cleaning tool. This inexpensive tool can unclog your drains within a few minutes. You'll find this tool at your local hardware store or you an choose to buy it online.
Dyer Maintenance

Dryer Maintenance and Safety Tips

Clean the lint trap each time your run your clothes dryer to make it run more efficiently. That's not all! It will also help in reducing the fire caused by excessive lint. It's recommended to move out your dryer and clean the hose running from your dryer to the vent at least once a year. The hose is also a big lint trap.
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